How Erik, together with his girlfriend, son and sister, conceived their world circumnavigation

Two years ago Erik and Nancy decided to go for it.  To just do what Erik had been daydreaming about for the last 30 years: Sail around the world!

He was sick and tired of excuses like “not realistic”, “no time”, “no money”, “how about the job”, “the family” etc etc.  You only live once, he said to himself.  Let’s no longer be guided by our fears, but rather by our strengths and our desires.

His son Wouter decided he would join.  This would provide a kick-start to his career as a professional skipper, and it was going to be an awesome experience too!

The three of them set out to write a plan, based on the book “Land in Zicht” written by the Flemish journalist Thomas Siffer who became popular by sailing around the world with his wife and daughter without really knowing much about sailing before he set off.  But how was this going to work financially?  Siffer was sponsored by an insurance company, no chance for Erik and Wouter.

The solution appeared to be: get a second boat, and generate an income by taking along charter guests.  But that would be quite an investment, and where to find that kind of money?

Erik’s sister Karina then took a drastic decision: she sold her home so there would be enough money to buy the second boat, and decided she would join the trip.

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