What to take?

Practical information

We list the most important stuff for you.  Questions?  Call us!

Bring a bag or the like, not a hard suitcase.  This is important, as the suitcase will be difficult to stow away in your cabin.

Our destinations are sunny, so bring adequate protection such as sun screen, a hat etc.  Bring your bathing gear as well!

On board you will want to wear something light, with sandals or docksides.  No black soles please, as these may stain the deck.  A light rain coat may also be useful; do not bring foul weather gear as we have that on board Le Grand Bleu, in case we would really need it.

Towels and bed sheets are waiting for you on board.  Just bring personal hygiene stuff like toothbrush etc.

We have a well-equipped first aid kit on board.  So all you need to bring is any personal medication you may need.  For safety reasons, don’t forget to inform the skipper of any significant health issues you are dealing with.

Don’t forget your ID and/or international passport and visa if required.

Now let’s go pack!

See you soon.